C Mixolydian – Guitar diagrams and backing tracks

Five days five tracks….let’s keep the pace here. Today is Mixolyday

Download the backing track:

Like always, this backing track is provided with full arrangement and with drum and bass, for when you prefer more room for outside playing or simply a less intrusive arrangement.

What can you play on these tracks?

This track is written in C Mixolydian, fifth mode of F major. One thing you can do on mixolydian to sound very bluesy is to insert a minor 3rd. You’ll hear that in the backing track.

As always here are all the triads and quadriads you can play with the notes of C Myxolidian. In light gray you’ll see the complete scale.

The diagrams are all made using our trusted editor, links to the editable versions are below each pictures.

Show this C Mixolydian triads harmonization diagram in the editor

Show this C Mixolydian quadriads harmonization diagram in the editor

How would you improvise on this track?

What ideas would you play on this track? Any particular solution like a different scale or arpeggio?

Let me know in the comments section, if you want you can sketch a quick diagram with our trusted generator and comment with a link to it.

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