C Lydian – Guitar diagrams and backing tracks

Today, in our day 4, let’s play Lydian: one modal scale a day keeps the liuther away.

After 7 days and seven modes what would you like to find here? I’m thinking of other scales, but maybe you’d like other keys? Let me know in the comments

Download the backing track:

Like always, this backing track is provided with full arrangement and with drum and bass, for when you prefer more room for outside playing or simply a less intrusive arrangement.

What can you play on these tracks?

This track is written in C Lydian, fourth mode of G major. You can do so many things on a Lydian backing track but here are some solid basis to begin with: In the following images there are all the triads and quadriads you can play with the notes of C Lydian. In light gray you’ll see the complete scale.

The diagrams are made using our trusted editor, links to the editable versions are below each pictures.

Show this C Lydian triads harmonization diagram in the editor

Show this C Lydian quadriads harmonization diagram in the editor

How would you improvise on this track?

What ideas would you play on this track? Any particular solution like a different scale or arpeggio?

Let me know in the comments section, if you want you can sketch a quick diagram with our trusted generator and comment with a link to it.

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