C ionian – Guitar diagrams and backing tracks

Download the backing track:

This backing track is provided in two versions, the first version has a full arrangment and second one only features drum and bass, to give you more space and freedom in the improvisation with chords.

What can you play on these tracks?

This track is written in C major (we had to start somewhere). It may seem too ordinary but actually there are so many interesting things you can play here.

There still is so much beautiful music to write in C Major.

Anyway just to begin with some solid basis, here are all the triads and quadriads you can play in C Major, the diagrams are made using our trusted editor.

Show this C major triads harmonization diagram in the editor

C Major Quadriads Harmonization Diagram

Show this C major quadriads harmonization diagram in the editor

How would you improvise on this track?

What ideas would you play on this track? Any particular solution like a different scale or arpeggio?

Let me know in the comments section, if you want you can sketch a quick diagram with our trusted generator and comment with a link to it.

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