Let me introduce myself

My full name is Giuseppe Motta, but everyone calls me Jay. I’m Italian, born in 1987.
I have several passions but above all there are electric guitars, electronic music, coding software, and crafting things.

I’ve been a passionate guitar student for almost 20 years, with a focus on the most modern genres. I used to manage a guitar school but I stopped giving lessons around 2016.

I don’t particularly like social networks so I don’t post much aside from some videos of me playing, but if you are curious here are a few videos on youtube, and I do have a profile on Instagram and Facebook.

What do I do

I probably do too many things.
I work on the Performaxe Leg Rest project most of the time. When I can take some attention away from that I work on the online app Guitar Scientist Editor. Also sometimes I remember I am a musician, usually after dinner and during the weekends, when I can practice guitar and compose music.

Want to contact me?

If you need support about your order please check the FAQ page first, the answer to your question could be just a click away.

If you have any other questions or just want to say hello, my email is: jay@guitarscientist.com